Non-Diatonic Chords on The II Scale Degree

The non-diatonic chords are the chords that do not appear in one particular key naturally. These non-diatonic chords on the II scale degree are quite important for the overall musical expression. As you shall see, some of them can appear only in Major keys and some of them are more characteristic for minor keys.

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Chopin Ballade No 1 Op 23 in G minor Analysis

There is a certain level of mysticism in this Ballade Op. 23. From the very first listening a careful listener could be in the position to recognize the strange change of characters throughout the musical flow. Isn’t that intriguing? How is it possible for all these different characters to coexist in such a dense piece, one might ask themselves. Well, I’ll try to answer on this and some other questions, and perhaps, find new ones to ask so someone else can answer them.

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