The Final Solution by Sabaton

Today, I have one really interesting article for you. I will talk about musical gesture inside the musical topic of traveling (in the broadest sense of that word) in one of Sabaton’s songs – The Final Solution. It is very powerful song with genius example of a musical gesture produced by the word painting. Before we dive into the analysis I have to talk briefly about the ideas of musical topic and musical gesture.

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Bach’s Influence in The Red Baron

The time has come to finish the A-B-A1 form of the articles, which talks about classical music influence in songs by Sabaton. Today, I will talk about Sabaton’s song The Red Baron from the album The Great War, released in 2019. This song features one of Bach’s most famous organ fugues, Fugue in G minor BWV 578. The way its melody is incorporated in Sabaton’s song is very interesting, especially considering the fact how the song was made in the first place.

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Chopin Ballade No 1 Op 23 in G minor Analysis

There is a certain level of mysticism in this Ballade Op. 23. From the very first listening a careful listener could be in the position to recognize the strange change of characters throughout the musical flow. Isn’t that intriguing? How is it possible for all these different characters to coexist in such a dense piece, one might ask themselves. Well, I’ll try to answer on this and some other questions, and perhaps, find new ones to ask so someone else can answer them.

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Fields of Verdun by Sabaton – Beethoven’s influence

I suppose that all people that have heard this song were absolutely astonished by this solo. This paraphrase gives Fields of Verdun a cutting edge in the musical sense. It is an absolute peak of the song’s dramaturgy and it is so beautifully composed that I absolutely had to write this article about it.

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