A different kind of blog about music

Hello and welcome to beethoman.com, a  different kind of blog about music. I am Milosh Petrovich and Beethoman is sort of my alter ego.

Music has been a major part of my life. My great-grandfather was a musician and I’ve spent a lot of time with him. Therefore, I started playing accordion when I was 8. Back in the day I was a first grade of musical school. I don’t know how it works in your country, but in Serbia, where I live official musical education is separated from primary school. After you finish primary musical school you can continue to musical high school, which I did, and then go to Faculty of Music, which I also did. 😊 Ludwig van Beethoven was a composer of great influence for me at the time.

I graduated in 2015 at University of Arts in Belgrade – Faculty of Music, department of Music Theory. My Master thesis is “Lyrical Archipelago and some its characteristics in Fourth Symphony Op. 63 in A-minor by Jean Sibelius”.

Now, why Beethoman? Well, it was the school-year 2017/18, I was music teacher in one primary school in Belgrade. And there was a student, 5th grader. He wasn’t a disciplined student, often even rude to the others in classroom, including me. One day I had to evaluate his “knowledge”. A lesson before, we talked about Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony and I asked him what was the name of the composer of the symphony we talked about. By the lightning speed he answered: “BeethoMan!”. I was shocked, but then I told to myself: “Well, he was a super-hero of his time, that’s for sure.”. As a result, that name was in my head all the time. Beethoven, apart from Sibelius is my favorite composer, and his music moves me deeply.


So, I’ve decided to make my contribution to the World and give my knowledge to the others with this blog about music. I hope that you will enjoy the content and if you gain any benefit from it then my mission is completed. That being said, Beethoman’s mission is to spread the word about music in general. Interpretation of pieces, analysis of harmony, musical forms and style are primary focus of this page. Putting all of these aspects in a specific (historical) context is imperative, because nothing happens without a (zeitgeist) reason. We will be talking about classical music mainly. But also modern popular music. Both categories deserve to be analyzed. Both of them can be very beautiful in their own terms.

Feel free to ask some question and comment on the articles. The purpose of it all is to spread the word about the music and to help people to understand it better. We all are in this together. If you are interested in some topic that I have not talked about yet, please tell me through contact form or write your suggestion in the comments.