Thoughts about music are present from the very beginning of the civilization. It can lead us to many great insights about art and life.

Was Chopin an Antisemit?

When you think of Frederic Chopin, what is your first thought? I bet it has something to do with lyricism, romantic soul, artist with incredible talent and so on. But, would you ever think of Chopin as the anti-semit? I know, I know, it is quite a strong word and possibly even slender, but would you think of that when it comes to Chopin? I think you would not. But, did you read his letters? If not, than this article may be a very good read for you.

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Top 8 Classical Music Pieces for Running

Recently, I rediscovered my passion for running and that event led me to this article. Can classical music be a good partner in activity such running? If so, which pieces of classical music are suitable for it? On top of that, what would be my top 8 classical music pieces for running? These are the questions I will try to answer in this article. As a bonus, I will post a YouTube playlist of my top 8 classical music pieces for running.

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